Call of Dragons: Eliana – Skills, Talent Trees and Hero Pairs 2023

Daughter of Dawn

Rarity: EPIC


A young peasant girl who awakened the holy sword Aurora. She has been blessed by the Light, and refuses to let her humble origins stand in the way of her devotion.

Born in 1180 in the remote village of Laveille in Jargand, she became a steadfast follower of the God of Light through conversations with the Vestal Teresa in 1189. She carried on Teresa’s mission, living a frugal life and helping out the poor. She awakened the holy blade Aurora and defender her homeland in 1196. Later turned down the offer of a noble title and joined her village militia.

Eliana did not come from a military background, but her determination in battle was as strong as any knight. As a result, no one questioned why this peasant girl became the leader of her local militia.

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Review of Eliana:

  • Eliana is a great Epic Hero in Call of Dragons, and an excellent choice as a Secondary Hero as she boosts survivability of any Legion.
  • Ways to obtain this Hero’s Tokens: (1) Tavern’s Silver/Gold Chest; (2) Leveling up this Hero’s Trust Level to Level 4 once you have unlocked this Hero, by chatting with this Hero and/or giving gifts (Sweetdew) when this Hero appears in your City.

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Eliana Hero Skills:


Benediction of Aurora
Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1000
Attack Range: Very Far
Grants Eliana’s Legion a Divine Shield that absorbs a large amount of damage (Shield Factor 200) for 5s, while dealing Hero Skill damage to the target Legion (Damage Factor 100).

Shield Factor: 200/270/350/420/500
Physical Skill Damage Factor: 100/120/140/170/200
Magic Skill Damage Factor: 100/120/140/170/200

Purifying Touch
Passive Skill
Eliana’s Legion deals 7% more damage to Darklings and Dark Creatures.

Damage dealt during Peacekeeping bonus: 7%/11%/16%/20%/25%

Leosa’s Brilliance
Passive Skill
Eliana’s Legion takes 10% less normal attack damage.

Normal attack damage reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Holy Heart
Passive Skill
When casting Rage Skills, Eliana’s Legion gains Shelter, increasing their DEF by 10% for 5s.

DEF bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Divine Grace
Additional Passive Skill
Grants a Divine Shield to Eliana’s Legion, giving them a 70% chance to receive healing when hit with a normal attack (Healing Factor 400). This effect can be triggered once every 3s.

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Best Talent Trees for Eliana:



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