Call of Dragons: Emrys – Skills, Talent Trees and Hero Pairs 2023

Shadow Warlord



Leader of the Watchers of the Shadowglade. He will hide behind his mask until the shadows themselves are at rest. Emrys was born in Clearspring in 546. Upon his parents’ death, he became Lord of Clearspring, the same year that Yaen summoned the Chimera. In the Final Battle in 700, Emrys defeated Yaen as the Elven Queen awoke. At the same tim, Yaen’s forces razed Clearspring and massacred its inhabitants. In 701, Emrys moved to the Shadowglade to become leader of the Watchers. He then left the Shadowglade to seek out Yaen’s forces, who had escaped.

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Review of Emrys:

  • Emrys is currently the most popular Legendary Hero used by players in Call of Dragons due to his high mobility and damage ouput.
  • Ways to obtain this Hero’s Tokens: (1) Tavern‘s Gold Chest; (2) Leveling up this Hero’s Trust Level to Level 4 once you have unlocked this Hero, by chatting with this Hero and/or giving gifts (Sweetdew) when this Hero appears in your City; (3) Selecting this Hero’s Tokens as reward in Daily Gifts at Store from Membership Level 8 and above; (4) As a Rank reward in the “Strongest Lord” event.
  • As a Cavalry Hero, if you have unlocked Tier-5 Cavalry, the Legion led by Emrys will gain the skill “Unyielding Rush” – which increases March Speed when approaching target Legion, and the Hero gains 1,000 Rage when he colldes with a Ranged Legion (Mage/Archer).

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Emrys Hero Skills:


Shattering Blow
Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1000
Attack Range: Near
Deals Hero Skill damage to an enemy Legion (Physical Damage Factor 600).

Skill Damage Factor: 600/800/1,000/1,300/1,500

Watcher’s Blade
Passive Skill
When Emrys’s Legion enters battle, they gain Passion, increasing their Rage Accumulation Speed by 20% for 5s. This effect can be triggered once every 30s.

Rage Accumulation Speed bonus: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%

Passive Skill
All Cavalry units in Emrys’s Legion gain 10% Physical ATK and 3% March Speed.

Cavalry unit Physical ATK bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Cavalry unit March Speed bonus: 3%/4.5%/6%/8%/10%

Shadow Raid
Passive Skill
All damage dealt by Emrys’s Legion is increased by 4%. Emrys’s Legion also deals 5% more Skill damage when attacking targets that have been Surrounded.

Damage dealt bonus: 4%/5%/6%/8%/10%
Hero Skill damage dealt bonus: 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

Additional Passive Skill
When attacked, Emrys’s Legion has a 20% chance to gain Passion, Increasing Rage Accumulation by 20% for 5s. If Emrys’s Legion already has Passion, it is removed, granting 100 Rage. This effect can be triggered once every 2s.

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Skills Upgrading Priority for Emrys:

  • 5111, followed by 5511, and finally 5555

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Best Hero Pairings for Emrys:

  • Bakshi (Emrys as primary), Nika (Emrys as primary)

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Best Talent Trees for Emrys:

PvP (Hit-and-Run / Guerilla Warfare) – This build focuses on boosting mobility and allowing increased survivability when you need to run away from your enemies. Ideal for players who are yet to have a full Tier-5 Cavalry Legion.

PvP – This is the build that would be recommended for players with full Tier-5 Cavalry Legion ready to engage in full-blown battles on field with your enemies.

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