Call of Dragons: Villages and Rewards

Congratulations. You have found my page on the compilation of all possible Rewards from Villages in Call of Dragons. You will now be able to choose the best Reward available at each Village by selecting the required Answers shown in my table below.

What exactly is the “best” reward? It depends. On what? On your account’s current stage of development in the game. For example, a new beginner might prefer to obtain the Waldyr Token from a Village to upgrade the skill level of his Waldyr Hero, whereas a player who is more advanced into the game might prefer resources from the same Village as his Waldyr Hero has had all skills upgraded to maximum level.

This post thus serves to help every player optimize the Rewards he or she receives from Villages.

You are welcome.


All Villages Choices & Rewards

Below is a compilation of all Villages and Rewards I have encountered in Call of Dragons and am sharing with you here for your benefit. Please follow the instructions below.


On clicking each new Village discovered on the map, a scenario will appear with the “Topic” of the Village situation displayed at the top. Refer to example below, whereby the Topic was “THE PEAK“.

In the table below, the first column from the left refers to the Topic of the Village, the second column refers to the Options you should take, and the third and last column refers to the Rewards for the options you have taken.

Search for your Village based on its Topic by scrolling down the list (which is arranged by alphabetical order) on your mobile device, or using the “CTRL + F” search function on your keyboard on PC and Laptop devices.


A BLOODY WEDDINGTake up arms and make a stand/Fight your way to a spot where you can hold them off/Protect her by revealing your positionEpic Medal
Standard Resource Bundle
A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITYAsk what his plans for trade are/Point out the problems with the plan/Suggest that he listen to the Elves’ demands/Watch and wait to see the Elves’ reaction10,000 Gold
5m Research Speedup
5m Speedup
(Lvl 4)
Sell them seeds to reforest the mountainsideSweetdew, 5-Minute Building Speedup, 3,000 Mana
A DISPUTEThere’s no place in Tamaris where the Darklings won’t find you5m Training Speedup
10,000 Wood
A DISPUTENo matter where you are, only unity will bring you strength5m Speedup
10,000 Gold
A DREAMEscort him there50m Training Speedup
3x Epic Medal
100,000 Gold
A DUEL OF HONORAsk the younger brother to focus on himself2x Treaty, 20,000 Wood
A FORTUNATE CHILDGive the girl a few coinsEpic Medal, 10,000 Gold
A GIFTSuggest he send a bone necklace1x Ordo Token
10,000 Gold
A GOOD KNIGHT’S RESTChat with the knights8h Wood Boost, 10,000 Gold
A HARBOR OF LOST SHIPSAsk a local what happened20,000 Gold
A HARBOR OF LOST SHIPSInspect shipwrecks20,000 Gold
A HARBOR OF LOST SHIPSTake a stroll10,000 Gold
A HUSBAND’S DUTYVoice support for the wife5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
A HUSBAND’S DUTYVoice support for the husband5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Gold
A HUSBAND’S DUTYOh look, it’s dinner time!5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
A MINER DISPUTEThe big guy who’s strong as an oxTreaty, 10,000 Wood
A MOTTO TO LIVE BY“The biggest bellies in Belleron”Treaty, 3,000 Mana
A NIGHT AT THE OPERAAsk what roles the Halflings are playing/Point out that those aren’t really major rolesSentinel Arrows
5m Speedup
A POOR SOULAccept his invitation10,000 Gold, Sweetdew
A PUZZLETimes have changed, it’s better to ask him for help than to fightTreaty
10,000 Gold
A PUZZLEThe Orcs are still dangerousSentinel
10,000 Wood
A RESPECTABLE PLACEShow them your papersTreaty, 10,000 Wood
A REQUEST FROM THE MERCHANTS’ GUILDWalk anywhere and everywhereWaldyr Token
A SINGLE COINHelp him with his sums11,000 Gold
A SO-CALLED REMUSTend to his injuryStandard Resource Bundle
10,000 Wood
A SPECIAL GREATSWORDAsk what’s wrong30m Research Speedup, 30,000 Wood
A SPY IN OUR RANKSLet met talk to him15m Research Speedup, 20,000 Wood
A STRANGE NOISEImmediately launch a search/Go out immediately to reconnoiter/Take this man away to help him heal5m Building Speedup
5m Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
A STRANGE NOTICEAsk the villagers who posted the noticeEpic Medal
5m Training Speedup
A TRAPPED ANIMALCall out and ask where the trap is/Head towards the trap/Think of a way to save himSweetdew
5m Speedup
Gold Key
A WAGERChoose the sun20,000 Gold
A WEDDING TO REMEMBERIt’d be my honor too!5m Research Speedup, 3,000 Mana
AN ACT OF KINDNESSAgree to attend, and help the villagers rebuild5m Building Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
ANCIENT GRIEFTry to console himSweetdew, 5m Building Speedup, 3,000 Mana
ANYBODY THERE?Burst into the cabinSweetdew, 2x Sentinel Arrows, 6,000 Mana
ARCANE PAINSYou should read some more magic books40,000 Gold
ARCANE PAINSYou should find a teacher40,000 Gold
ARCANE PAINSKeep trying, you’ll get the hang of it40,000 Gold
AREN’T YOU COLD?Ask them if they’re coldSweetdew, 5m Building Speedup, 3,000 Mana
ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONSAsk her if she’s learned anything from watching the stars5m Research Speedup
10,000 Gold
ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONSAsk her why5m Research Speedup
10,000 Wood
AT LOGGERHEADSUrge the young man to respect eldersSweetdew, 20,000 Wood, 6,000 Mana
BAD, BAD BREATHLet me helpTreaty, 10,000 Wood
BAD, BAD BREATHIt can’t be that bad!Sentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
BAD, BAD BREATHI could probably use some of those myself!5-Minute Speedup, 7,500 Ore
BAR BRAWLLet him go, but send people to follow him10,000 Gold
5m Training Speedup
BARING ONE’S BREASTIt feels like freedom5m Building Speedup
5m Speedup
BEAT THE HEATAsk for more details/Suggest that they move closer to water8h Wood Boost
5m Speedup
10,000 Wood
BEAT THE HEAT (Lvl 3/6/7)Give him some water30m Training Speedup, 30,000 Wood
BEAT THE HEAT (Lvl 3/6/7)Tell him to stick to his post30m Building Speedup, 22,500 Ore
BEAT THE HEAT (Lvl 3/6/7)Buy yourself a refreshing beverage30m Speedup, 30,000 Gold
BEAUTY CONTESTThe one with the most jewels8h Ore Boost, 6,000 Mana, 15m Research Speedup
BEDTIME STORIESImpress them with an epic tale15-Minute Training Speedup, 20,000 Wood
BEDTIME STORIESScare them off with a terrifying tale20,000 Gold, 15,000 Ore
BEDTIME STORIESSend them to sleep with a boring tale15m Speedup, 20,000 Gold
BIG BIRDTell him it’s not a bird5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
BIRDS OF A FEATHERFind a Druid to speak with it5m Research Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
BLOCKED TRADE ROUTEHelp to open up new trade routes100x Infantry I
BOOT CAMPSuggest he win them over with things they’re interested in5m Training Speedup
5m Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
BRAIDED BEARDSDid you all decide to do the same thing?Sweetdew, Treaty, 3,000 Mana
BRANCHESHave a quiet word with them20,000 Wood
3x Level 2 Arcane Dust
8h Gold Boost
BREACH OF CONTRACTAsk the nearby Elves for helpSweetdew, 10,000 Gold, 3,000 Mana
BREAK TIMERemind him he needs to eatTreaty, 5m Speedup
BRICK BY BRICKOffer to help7,500 Ore
Standard Resource Bundle
BURIED MEMORIESAttack him8h Wood Boost
5m Building Speedup
BY THE RUNESEncourage his effortsSweetdew, 15m Research Speedup, 6,000 Mana
CELESTIAL LITERATUREThe Celestials are a force to be reckoned withElite Hero Token
CELESTIALSAsk the villagers about it6,000 Mana, 8h Gold Boost, 20,000 Wood
CLOSED OFFShow something that proves your identity and continue to explain5m Building Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
CLOSED OFFReport the situation to the capital5m Research Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
COLD SNAPTake shelter in a blacksmith’s forgeTreaty, 10,000 Wood
COLD SNAPHave a few drinks at the tavern to warm up5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
COLD SNAPBuy some warm clothesSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
COMMUNITY RELATIONSHelp the Elves come up with a defense strategy2x Treaty, 20,000 Wood
COMMUNITY RELATIONSSuggest the Elves seek peace with the Orcs15m Speedup, 15,000 Ore
COMMUNITY RELATIONSTell them to toughen up2x Sentinel Arrows, 20,000 Gold
CONFESSIONAsk to inspect the stone first50m Research Speedup
10x Level 2 Arcane Dust
75,000 Ore
COUNTERFEITSA shining blue sapphire5-Minute Training Speedup, 10,000 Gold
CROSSTOWN TRAFFICGuide the carts onwardStandard Resource Bundle
5m Building Speedup
DAILY LIFESince it’s all been sorted, it must be paid for20,000 Gold
DARK TIDINGSDirect the villagers’ evacuation efforts8h Ore Boost, Epic Medal, 20,000 Wood
DECISIONSHelp the guard recover the money5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF FASHIONHelp the Halfling and politely explain the issue20,000 Gold
DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF FASHIONChastise the owner for anti-Halfling discrimination20,000 Gold
DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF FASHIONEncourage the Halfling to find another store20,000 Gold
DIET AND EXERCISEThank him for the compliment15m Research Speedup, 20,000 Wood
DIET AND EXERCISETell him he’s a good-looking Orc too15m Training Speedup, 15,000 Ore
DIET AND EXERCISETell him to eat less and exercise more15m Speedup, 20,000 Gold
DIRE STRAITSStay calm and give him some money2x Treaty, 20,000 Wood
DIRE STRAITSArrest him15m Speedup, 15,000 Ore
DIRE STRAITSRun!2x Sentinel Arrows, 20,000 Gold
DOUBTEncourage them to fightSentinel Arrow
7,500 Ore
DRAGON TRACKSCould they really be the footprints of a dragon?5m Building Speedup
5m Speedup
DRINKING CONTESTDown three pintsSweetdew, 10,000 Gold, 3,000 Mana
DWARVEN DISCOUNTSCatch him off guard and tear off his beardSweetdew, 5m Training Speedup, 3,000 Mana
DWARVEN ETIQUETTETug on their beards with all your might!Treaty, 10,000 Wood
DWARVEN ETIQUETTESlap them in the face and poke them in the eye5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
DWARVEN ETIQUETTEA small gift should sufficeSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
DWARVEN STYLEAsk about the Dwarf’s heritageTreaty, 10,000 Wood
DWARVEN STYLECompliment the Dwarf’s white whiskersSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
DWARVEN STYLEAsk why his hair and whiskers are a different color5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
EARTHQUAKE!Was that an earthquake?Sweetdew, 5-Minute Speedup, 3,000 Mana
ETERNITYThey live long lives5m Building Speedup
10,000 Wood
EVERYTHING MUST GOAsk him why he’s closingTreaty, 10,000 Wood
EVERYTHING MUST GOBuy up everything you can5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
EVERYTHING MUST GOBest not to bother himSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
EXPLORING THE MINESWe made it this far – we’ve got to see it throughTreaty, 10,000 Wood
FAMILY JEWELSPraise his craftsmanshipSweetdew, 15m Speedup, 6,000 Mana
FANCY CLOTHESGet with the times!Sweetdew, Sentinel Arrows, 3,000 Mana
FEATHER OR NOTGo over and have a look/Get closer and observe/Look around you/Let him speak10m Training Speedup
40,000 Wood
FIREAsk the villagers30m Training Speedup
1x Level 2 Arcane Dust
FLOWERS OF THE DESERT CLIFFSWarn the foreman about the high temperatures20,000 Gold, 1,500 Level 2 Arcane Dust, 8h Ore Boost
FOOTPRINTSMaybe it’s the evidence of the pseudodragon hurting peopleTreaty, 5m Speedup
FOOTPRINTSProbably a giant, wounded eagleSentinel Arrow, 5m Speedup
FOOTPRINTSIt can’t be a dragon, because dragons have four clawsContinent Map, 5m Speedup
FORM VS SUBSTANCEGet the Dwarf’s perspectiveTreaty, 10,000 Wood
FORM VS SUBSTANCEGet the Elf’s perspectiveSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
FORM VS SUBSTANCEObserve the argument5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
FREE PASSAGEAsk him what the “good stuff” is8h Ore Boost, 8h Gold Boost, 1,500 Level 2 Arcane Dust
FROZEN TREASUREHelp them to digSweetdew, 3x Treaty, 9,000 Mana
GAMBLINGNothing to do with me15,000 Ore, 7,500 Ore
GHOST SHIPI’m scared of g-g-g-ghosts!Treaty, 10,000 Wood
GHOST SHIPI’ll help you keep away those ghosts!5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
GHOST SHIPI ain’t afraid of no ghosts!Sentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
GIANT STEPSHide!Treaty, 10,000 Wood
GIANT STEPSGive him a friendly wave5-Minute Speedup, 7,500 Ore
GIANT STEPSTry to talk to the Frost GiantSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
GIANTS AND DWARVESProtect the GiantSweetdew, 5m Building Speedup, 3,000 Mana
GO NORTH, YOUNG MANThey’re thinking about the grudge between the Elves and OrcsTreaty
GOD OF GAMBLERSRabbit/Place another bet/Immediately pick the Monkey card25,000 Gold
GOLD RUSHBuy a net and join them5,000 Gold
GOLD RUSHThat’s nonsense, I’m leaving20,000 Gold
GRAND DESIGNSAn imported handmade tapestry, for a worldly vibe10m Speedup
10,000 Gold
GRUMPY TREANTHelp him get out of the village10,000 Wood
5m Training Speedup
HAMMER AND TONGSThey’re the first warhammers I’ve ever seenTreaty, 10,000 Wood
HAMMER AND TONGSThey’re good, if a little unoriginal5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
HAMMER AND TONGSThey’re the ugliest warhammers I’ve ever seenSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
HAMMERING OUT THE DETAILSTake a look at the blueprint30m Building Speedup
10,000 Wood
HAPPY FISH CANSeek recourse from the shopkeeper5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
HAPPY FISH CANIt’s probably edible – down the hatch!5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Gold
HAPPY FISH CANAsk the shopkeeper if it’s edible5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
HICCUPSTickle his belly!5-Minute Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
HICCUPSCover his feet in wyvern spit!5-Minute Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
HICCUPSSorry, I have no idea5-Minute Speedup, 10,000 Gold
HOLDING OUT FOR A HEROChakcha – his meat pies are the best5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
HOLDING OUT FOR A HERONico – everyone loves his adorable curls5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
HOLDING OUT FOR A HEROVelyn – his ice magic is second to none5 Gems, 10,000 Gold
HOLDING THE LINEGive some supplies to House Sorland’s armies5m Training Speedup
10,000 Gold
HOME IS WHERE THE HEART ISAsk her if she needs help/Ask why she wants to her to move/Suggest that she try to talk to her about itTreaty
5m Speedup
HOMECOMINGStand to the side and watch them/Join them to go see the Orc/Offer to help5m Training Speedup
5m Research Speedup
7,500 Ore
HOMECOMINGTell them it’s for the bestSweetdew, Treaty, 3,000 Mana
HONEST BUSINESSPick up the most expensive weaponSweetdew, 10,000 Wood, 3,000 Mana
HOPES AND DREAMSI want to become the strongestContinent Map, 20,000 Wood, 6,000 Mana
HUMID WEATHERA humid climate is good for the skinTreaty, 10,000 Gold
HUMID WEATHERMust be awful to not be able to dry your clothesSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Wood
HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLFKeep an eye on the wolves5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLFKeen an eye on the Dwarven settlement5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLFGet as far away from here as possible5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
IN DIRE STRAITSOffer to send your troops to kill the Darklings5m Training Speedup
10,000 Gold
IN VINO VERITASGet over it – the laws are for people’s safetySweetdew, 15m Research Speedup, 6,000 Mana
KEEP YOURSELF WARMHuddle around the fire, like you40,000 Wood
KEEP YOURSELF WARMI wear thick woolen undies15m Speedup, 15,000 Ore
KEEP YOURSELF WARMI smear my body with lard2x Sentinel Arrows, 20,000 Gold
KEEPING WATCHPoke himSweetdew, Treaty, 3,000 Mana
LOCAL FLAVORSTry a dumplingTreaty, 10,000 Wood
LOCAL FLAVORSAsk about her dumplingsSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
LOCAL FLAVORSTell her what you think Elves prefer5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
LOSING FACETry to sneak a peek while searching for the maskEpic Medal, 15m Training Speedup, 100 Swordsmen II
MAGE EXAMINATIONSWatch quietly10,000 Gold
5m Training Speedup
MARVELOUS MEDICINEHave a look at the bottle5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
MARVELOUS MEDICINEAsk him the price5m Training Speedup, 7,500 Ore
MARVELOUS MEDICINEHe must be a conman5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
MEMBERS ONLYYeah, I just joined last week8h Ore Boost, 20,000 Wood, 15m Building Speedup
MENTORINGYou just have to keep practising2x Treaty, 20,000 Wood
MINER DIFFICULTIESMake scaffolding and ropes to help the Orcs5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
MINER DIFFICULTIESSuggest they blow their way out with explosives5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
MINER DIFFICULTIESEnter the mine and look for the trapped Orcs5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
MINERS’ TASTESBuy a box of “Energy Candy”5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
MIXOLOGYFlashbeetle wingsSweetdew, 5m Research Speedup, 3,000 Mana
MORNING EXERCISEI’d be happy to joinTreaty, 10,000 Wood
MORNING EXERCISEI’m not very flexible5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
MORNING EXERCISEI’d rather sit and meditateSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
NO ENTRYSmile and explain you’re just an adventurer5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
NO ENTRYPolitely ask where you can stay the night5m Training Speedup, 7,500 Ore
NO ENTRYOffer to pay him in gems for a night’s shelter5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
NO SURVIVORSStop and listen for a momentSweetdew, 50,000 Wood, 9,000 Mana
NOUVELLE CUISINETry it out of politeness10,000 Gold
NOUVELLE CUISINESuggest he switch the greasy duck for a light, flaky fish10,000 Gold, 7,500 Ore
NOUVELLE CUISINEFlatter the chef and ask for a second helping20,000 Gold
OLD GRUDGESAsk about his circumstancesSweetdew, 10,000 Wood, 3,000 Mana
OMENSDon’t worry, it’ll passSweetdew, 30m Research Speedup, 9,000 Mana
ONCE UPON A TIME…Shoo the children awayGwanwyn Token, 10,000 Gold
ONE OF THOSE DAYSAsk what he’s confused about/Encourage him to speak his mind/Get him to focus more energy on improving himself5m Training Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
ORCISH CUISINEBear’s Paw Stew30m Training Speedup, 30,000 Wood
ORCISH CUISINESuper Protein Skewers30m Building Speedup, 22,500 Ore
ORCISH CUISINESpicy Fried Drumsticks30m Speedup, 30,000 Gold
OUT, UNCLEAN SPIRITFind out more/Maybe she’s lying/Tell them this is a matter for the ChurchSentinel Arrows
10,000 Gold
PANIC AT THE ORPHANAGEExpand the orphanage5m Building Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
PARANOIATell her to hire a private investigator30,000 Gold
3x Treaty
PARANOIATell her to believe her husband3x Sentinel Arrows
PEARLS v1Ask the price5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
PEARLS v1Pick it up and try it out5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
PEARLS v1Admire the blade5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
PEARLS v2Sure, but you’ll have to pay me for it5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
PEARLS v2Maybe we could eat them instead5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
PEARLS v2Pearls? Don’t be ridiculous5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
PLANT CARESteep it in hot water, like tea8h Wood Boost
5m Building Speedup
PLANT MUTATIONSWho knew that Manastone could have such an effect?5m Training Speedup
10,000 Wood
PLANT MUTATIONSReassure him that it will return to normal100x Swordsmen I
PLANT MUTATIONSDiscuss Benemoths with him100x Ballistas I
PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLYClink your mug with his and drink a toast5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLYGet away from him as quick as you can5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLYTry to remove the mug from his hand5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
POWER IN A UNIONAsk what’s going on/Ask them to take you to the work site22,500 Ore
PRECIOUS METALSWhere’d you get armor like that?Sweetdew, 10,000 Wood, 3,000 Mana
PRIDEWhichever one you’re from8h Gold Boost
30m Training Speedup
PURIFICATIONTalk to him about it8h Wood Boost, Sweetdew
RED TAPE BLUESTell the syndicate clerks to hurry upSweetdew, 2x Sentinel Arrows, 6,000 Mana
RESCUE MISSIONBribe the guards5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
RESCUE MISSIONKnock the guards out guards and enter20,000 Gold
RESCUE MISSIONFind another entrance5 Gems, 7,500 Ore
REVERENCE DAYExplain to the villagers how to deal with Darklings100x Swordsmen I
RUINSLook for clues regarding Darklings5m Research Speedup
3,000 Mana
RUMORSSend your scouts to find out about themContinent Map
1x Level 2 Arcane Dust
6,000 Mana
RUNE-IRONSave your money and walk away5-Minute Speedup, 7,500 Ore
RUNEFORGER SCHOOLSign up immediatelySweetdew, 20,000 Wood, 6,000 Mana
SALESMANSHIPHave your troops surround him15,000 Ore
3x Level 2 Arcane Dust
Continent Map
SELECTION AND ASSESSMENTAsk about the abilities a rider should have/Ask about the most indispensable skills/Suggest changing the test to a duel with an instructor/Watch from the sidelines5m Training Speedup
Standard Resource Bundle
SHEEP DUELOf course!3x Treaty, 30,000 Wood
SHEEP DUELIt looks kind of unsafe…30m Speedup, 22,500 Ore
SHEEP DUELI wanna buy a sheep!3x Sentinel Arrows, 30,000 Gold
SHELTER FROM THE STORMWarn the Orcs5m Training Speedup, 7,500 Wood
SHELTER FROM THE STORMAsk the Dwarves what they’re up to5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
SHELTER FROM THE STORMIgnore them and enter the village5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
SILVERSTAR BAZAARAsk them if they have Dragonglass/Keep listening to his spiel7,500 Ore
8h Gold Boost
SLEEPLESS IN BELLERONFind a new home5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
SLEEPLESS IN BELLERONSabotage the Dwarves’ operations5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
SLEEPLESS IN BELLERONAsk the Dwarves to work during daytime5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
SKYWARDGive him aid and encouragement8h Gold Boost, 6,000 Mana, Continent Map
SPRITES AT WORKLearn from their work methods5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
STAIRSSend your troops to helpContinent Map, 3x Level 2 Arcane Dust, 8h Gold Boost
STAKESTONESPick an ugly-looking dark purple rock60,000 Gold
STAKESTONESPick a dark green cube-shaped rock60,000 Gold
STAKESTONESDon’t wager, just watch30,000 Gold
STRANGE SHAMANShout out and alert the shaman16h Mana Boost, 3,000 Mana
STRANGE SINGINGIgnore the claw mark and enter the abbey5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
STRANGE SINGINGSomething’s not right – leave immediately5m Training Speedup, 7,500 Ore
STRANGE SINGINGStay quiet and watch5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
STRAPPED FOR CASHHelp him to haggle10,000 Gold, Level 2 Arcane Dust, Sweetdew
STRENGTH AND BEAUTYArgue with him5m Training Speedup
Epic Medal
STRESS RELIEFJoin themTreaty, 10,000 Wood
STRONG WINDSHelp to secure the huts3x Treaty, 30,000 Wood
STRONG WINDSHelp the Orcs seek shelter30m Speedup, 22,500 Ore
STRONG WINDSEvery man for himself!3x Sentinel Arrows, 30,000 Gold
SUPER-STRENGTH BREWOrder a pint of Super-Strength Brew30m Training Speedup, 30,000 Wood
SUPER-STRENGTH BREWSee what everyone’s buying30m Building Speedup, 22,500 Ore
SUPER-STRENGTH BREWAsk what “an explosion of flavor” means30m Speedup, 30,000 Gold
TALL TALESTell them it’s not worth arguing about30m Training Speedup
7,500 Ore
TAVERN ENCOUNTERThrow the paper into the bin5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
TAVERN ENCOUNTEROpen and read the letter5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Gold
TAVERN ENCOUNTERLeave it on the side5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
TEIRMaybe the stories about Ossuary are true-buy itContinent Map
Epic Medal

20,000 Gold
THAT’LL DO, PIGI’ll take the lot10,000 Gold
Standard Resource Bundle
THE AFTERMATHHelp the injured villagers2x Treaty, 20,000 Wood
THE AFTERMATHGive money to rebuild the village15m Speedup, 15,000 Ore
THE AFTERMATHGather villagers and hunt down the raiders2x Sentinel Arrows, 20,000 Gold
THE ANCESTORSThat’s nonsense!Sweetdew, 7,500 Ore, 3,000 Mana
THE ASTRONOMERStargazing during the day? Sounds rather odd5m Research Speedup
10,000 Wood
THE BANDITSBack off, I know Chieftain DattaraSweetdew, 5m Training Speedup, 3,000 Mana
THE BASHFUL MAGEAsk him what’s wrong2x Treaty, 10m Speedup
THE BASHFUL MAGECarry on-it’s nothing to do with you2x Treaty, 10m Speedup
THE BOUNTY“Accidentally” remove his hood5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECTPraise him for his meticulous approach5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECTTell him you’ll commission him to make it for you5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECTGive him some sapphires and tell him to keep it up5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
THE CAMBRIAN MANUSCRIPTFind someone else to check its authenticity/Suggest he ask the merchant for a refundSentinel Arrows
20,000 Gold
THE CRYING GOBLINHelp him look for the ore15,000 Ore
2x Standard Resource Bundle
THE CUSTOMER’S ALWAYS RIGHTAsk what he was frustrated aboutTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THE CUSTOMER’S ALWAYS RIGHTAsk why he’s not doing custom designs5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE CUSTOMER’S ALWAYS RIGHTAsk if you can see what he was designingSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE DESERTRush to the water’s edge and drink5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
THE DESERTLook for fruit on nearby trees5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE DESERTAsk the villagers for water5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
THE DIGTake the swordsman’s side100,000 Wood, 50m Research Speedup, 16h Ore Boost
THE DRAFTUrge the noble to recruit elsewhere/Stop them from drawing their swords2x Sentinel Arrows
20m Building Speedup
THE DRAGON’S ROARSend scouts to investigate the village outskirts15m Research Speedup
20,000 Gold
15m Building Speedup
THE DWARVEN CARAVANTake the Dwarves’ side5 Gems, 10,000 Wood
THE DWARVEN CARAVANTake the Goblins’ side10,000 Gold, 7,500 Ore
THE DWARVEN CARAVANFind a way to make profit for yourself20,000 Gold
THE EMPTY VILLAGEA Darkling attack8h Wood Boost, 10,000 Wood
THE ENGRAVINGTell him you want one just like it500 Level 2 Arcane Dust, 5m Research Speedup, 22,500 Ore
THE EXCHANGE STUDENTSuggest she take some magical research materialsTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THE FIRST RIDDLEAsk the adventurerEpic Medal
20,000 Gold
15m Building Speedup
THE FUGITIVEApprehend him then and there10,000 Gold, 10,000 Wood
THE FUGITIVETalk to him in private5-Minute Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE FUGITIVEWatch him from a distanceSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE FUZZY CRITTERIs this your pet?2x Treaty, 20,000 Wood
THE FUZZY CRITTERWhat’s this little guy’s name?15m Speedup, 15,000 Ore
THE FUZZY CRITTERCan I pet him some more?3x Sentinel Arrows, 20,000 Gold
THE GENUINE ARTICLEAsk him about the hammerContinent Map
15,000 Ore
15m Reseach Speedup
THE GLOWING SEARun your hand over the surface of the water5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
THE GLOWING SEAQuietly admire this incredible view5m Building Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE GLOWING SEABuy a beverage from a nearby vendor5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
THE GOBLIN MARKETHaggle him down by 50%Level 2 Arcane Dust
10,000 Gold
THE INJURED SCOUTOffer to take his message for him10,000 Gold
5m Training Speedup
THE INSECURE ORCI’m sure you have your own strengths30m Speedup
THE INSECURE ORCDon’t listen to the others, everyone’s a critic6x Treaty, 10,000 Gold
THE KING’S PORTRAITOfficial portraits don’t look like thatStandard Resource Bundle
5m Building Speedup
THE LIGHTBEARER’S LOVERSHand him the book and ask him about it5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
THE LIGHTBEARER’S LOVERSLeaf through the book then give it back to him5m Training Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE LIGHTBEARER’S LOVERSGive him the book and tell him to be more careful5m Speedup, 10,000 Gold
THE LISTGive them the listNika Token
THE LONGLEAF TREANTListen to his thoughts8h Wood Boost
5m Research Speedup
THE MANASTONE STIRSGo up and stop the patrol and tell them it’s just rubies30 Gems
10,000 Gold
THE MASTER APPRAISERHe can’t be that great, surelySweetdew, 2x Sentinel Arrows, 6,000 Mana
THE MEDICINE WOMANDown it in one gulpTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THE MEDICINE WOMANForce yourself to drink it5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE MEDICINE WOMANRefuse her offerSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE MINERS OF EVERMIST PEAKBeg them to take you to see the rune-ironSweetdew, 7,500 Ore, 3,000 Mana
THE MOUNTAIN FORTRESSThat’s not very eco-friendly!8h Ore Boost, 22,500 Ore, Continent Map
THE MOUNTAIN KINGInvite me next time8h Ore Boost, 15,000 Ore, 500 Lvl 2 Arcane Dust
THE MOUNTAINEERTell her to stop, a blizzard’s coming5m Speedup
10,000 Gold
THE MOUNTAINEERWatch her quietly5m Speedup
7,500 Ore
THE MOUNTAINEER (Lvl 6)Get him a hot drink10,000 Wood, 5m Research Speedup, 3x 500 Level 2 Arcane Dust
THE MYSTERIOUS VISITORReport clues of the Riven rebels’ movements to the patrolLevel 2 Arcane Dust
Standard Resource Bundle
THE NERVOUS NEW STUDENTSuggest a few pre-prepared conversation topicsTreaty
THE NERVOUS NEW STUDENTEncourage her to find friends to go to events withTreaty
THE NEWCOMERNeither, just looking for a place to stay5m Training Speedup, 10,000 Wood
THE NEWCOMERDo I look like a street sweeper?10,000 Gold, 7,500 Ore
THE NEWCOMERWho the heck are you?20,000 Gold
THE NIGHT OF ENDLESS FIREJoin in the conversation and encourage herGwanwyn Token
Epic Medal
THE OLD DWARFPraise the Hammerstrike Clan’s historySweetdew, 5-Minute Speedup, 3,000 Mana
THE ONE-EYED SCIENTISTTactfully ask what happened to his eyeSweetdew, 5-Minute Building Speedup, 3,000 Mana
THE PEAKAsk the villagersEpic Medal, 20,000 Gold
8h Gold Boost
THE PEAKRead up on itEpic Medal, 15m Building Speedup, Continent Map
THE PEARL SCHOLARThat’s me!Treaty, 10,000 Wood
THE PERFECTIONISTOffer to be her dance partnerStandard Resource Bundle
5m Speedup
THE QUEUEAsk the guards what’s going onSweetdew, 5-Minute Speedup, 3,000 Mana
THE RABBITSTake a closer look at the rabbits5m Research Speedup
3,000 Mana, 10,000 Gold
THE RITUALGo and rescue the child8h Gold Boost, Elite Medal
THE RUNAWAYFind him and talk to him1x Continent Map
20,000 Gold
15m Training Speedup
THE SAGEAsk the young man about it5m Research Speedup
10,000 Gold
THE SCARECROWHelp the old Dwarf5 Gems, 10,000 Wood
THE SCARECROWTrick him and take the little food he has left5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE SCARECROWTell him you don’t have time for thisSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE SECOND RIDDLEBuy a tankard of ale and join in the funContinent Map
20,000 Gold
15m Research Speedup
THE SINGERBuy her candy to console herLevel 2 Arcane Dust, 20,000 Wood, 8h Ore Boost
THE SINGING SHELLHold it up to your ear5m Building Speedup, 10,000 Wood
THE SINGING SHELLRun your finger along the patterns10m Building Speedup
THE SINGING SHELLGive it a good shakeSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE STONEDig it outContinent Map, 20,000 Gold, 15m Training Speedup
THE SWAMP WITCHSuggest they compensate the DwarvesTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THE SWAMP WITCHSuggest both sides search the swamp for lost cattle5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE SWAMP WITCHSearch for the lost cattle in the swamp yourselfSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE SYMBOLAsk the villagersEpic Medal
5m Building Speedup
THE TESTTell him not to bother with the exam and join your army instead8h Ore Boost
7,500 Ore
THE THIRD RIDDLEAsk the children8h Ore Boost
1x Level 2 Arcane Dust
20,000 Gold
THE TREANTSHelp them to enter20,000 Wood, 8h Gold Boost, 15m, Building Speed
THE TROUBLED TREANTSee if you can help him with his troubles10,000 Wood
THE UNSEEN QUEENI hear she’s a most respectable and formidable ElfSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Wood
THE UNSEEN QUEENSuggest a few history books to themTreaty, 7,500 Ore
THE UPSTARTYou have good taste!Sweetdew, 20,000 Gold, 6,000 Mana
THE VIPERTreat her woundTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THE VIPERGive her a bottle of druid elixir5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THE VIPERGo find a healer in the villageSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE WHITE CROWHonor BranTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THE WHITE CROWGive Bran foodSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
THE WHITE CROWWe’re trying to eat here! Shoo!3,000 Mana, 7,500 Ore
THE YOUNG SHAMANWatch him from a distance30m Training Speedup, 30,000 Wood
THE YOUNG SHAMANAsk him to talk to one of your ancestors30m Building Speedup, 22,500 Ore
THE YOUNG SHAMANMake up a story about a dead relative30m Speedup, 30,000 Gold
THE YOUNG WOMAN OF HOUSE REMUSAsk her if she needs helpTreaty
5m Speedup
THEY THINK IT’S ALL OVERSuggest they make a ball out of plants30,000 Wood
Standard Resource Bundle
THEY THINK IT’S ALL OVERSuggest they use a Goblin as the ball100x Swordsmen II
THEY THINK IT’S ALL OVERSuggest they play another day30,000 Gold
Standard Resource Bundle
THIS MINE’S ALL MINESide with the OrcsTreaty, 10,000 Wood
THIS MINE’S ALL MINESide with the Dwarves5m Speedup, 7,500 Ore
THIS MINE’S ALL MINEMediate between the two sidesSentinel Arrows, 10,000 Gold
TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN HEROSay a prayer for her2x Epic Hero Token
10,000 Gold
TRACESAsk him directly about itEpic Medal
15m Training Speedup
15m Building Speedup
TREASURE HUNTINGBuy a map to try your luckTreaty, 10,000 Wood
TROUBLE BREWINGIs the Tonnay Brewery that good?Sweetdew, 5m Training Speedup, 3,000 Mana
UNDER THE TREESit down next to them but try not to disturb themElite Medal
5m Speedup
UNDER THE TREEFind somewhere else to rest7,500 Ore, 5m Speedup
VEGGIE FEASTVegetarian food is your favorite, so you enjoy the party5m Speedup
10,000 Wood
VEGGIE FEASTMake your excuses, then go home to eat some roast meatChakcha Token
WAR DANCERTell him there’s no harm in tryingEpic Hero Token
10,000 Gold
WAR DANCERSI’ll take on ten of you!5-Minute Research Speedup, 10,000 Wood
WAR GAMESListen to an explanation of the rules/Sounds interesting, I want in/Send wyvern riders in first to provide covering fire5m Building Speedup
5m Research Speedup
10,000 Gold
WHAT’S MISSING?A highly valuable coin5m Building Speedup, 5m Research Speedup, 10,000 Gold
WHERE DOES IT GO?It’s linen used by Humans5m Research Speedup
7,500 Ore
WHISPERS OF DRAGONSBest to believe it-buy two more loaves of bread and stock up5m Building Speedup
10,000 Wood
WHITE WHISKERSYou must be old, your beard is whiteSweetdew, 5m Research Speedup, 3,000 Mana
WHO COPIED WHO?Accompany her to ask the judges about their decision15m Speedup
WHO COPIED WHO?Demand a payoff and let the public decide15m Speedup
3x Sentinel Arrows

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