Gaming Chairs 2022

What is a good gaming chair?

Well, a chair is a chair. Gaming chairs look cool. It looks something like the racecar seat. They come with a bucket seat design and tall reclining backrest. They also include thick padded seat and adjustable neck and lumbar pillows. The adjustable arms somehow managed to provide ridiculous reinforcement by absorbing the weight of the arms. Well, if I own a gaming chair, I will definitely feel cool playing ROK.

There are three main types of gaming chairs. These include PC, Platform, and Hybrid gaming chairs. I only know PC gaming chairs are the most popular ones. They look like office chairs, but include a headrest, lumbar support, and armrests that are usually adjustable. Platform gaming chairs are popular among console gamers (not my thing). Hybrid gaming chairs share characteristics of both PC and platform gaming chairs. They are often mounted on a swivel base, but still include the shape and style of a platform chair.

Question: How do I evaluate gaming chairs?

As gamer and office worker during WFH (hehehe), I spend a significant chunk of my day sitting on my chair in front of screens (both for work and play, hehehe).

I wanted to find chairs that maximized comfort, support, and value. If I’m typing and working at the computer, I prefer more upright support so that I can maintain neutral spine posture and let the chair hold me up. More so if my boss is asking me serious questions, my posture need to be right to gracefully answer her. But when I switch to a gaming mode, I want to recline a little bit to relax my lower back while slowly forget about my boss.

Question: Can a good gaming chair help with my posture, my neck and my back?

The best gaming chairs look out for me, my neck and my back. When it comes to chair design, lumbar support and neck support is vital. The first thing I usually look for in a new gaming chair is whether it has any built-in support to help my body maintain an ideal posture and avoid neck pain. Some gaming chairs even come with lumbar support pillows (crazy, I know). Multi-adjustable arm-rests, upholstery, and general style are also some of the key features that I look for, but who am I kidding? All these are freaking expensive!!!

Question: Do you think every chair fit my miniature body type, realistically? Ask yourself.

Different gaming chair models accommodate different heights and weights, so I normally try my best to make a trip to the shop to ensure the chair is a fit. To me, the width and depth of the seat is freaking important. Some gaming chairs instruct that we must sit in certain “forceful” way (e.g. sit cross-legged) but who are we kidding….. Isn’t the chair meant for us???? Am I supposed to adjust myself while playing ROK???

Below are some of the brands that I think worth our intelligent mind (if you are a Peerless Scholar like me, hehehe)


SecretLab is my dream chair (too expensive). I heard they are built to be highly customizable and feature a wide range of adjustments. I guess they do have some ROK players working for them so they know people come in all shapes and sizes, and their chairs are designed to accommodate various heights and weights. What impress me is they look pretty, that’s all.

SecretLab Stealth looks like ROK Guan Yu
Source: SecretLab Stealth
SecretLab Black looks like ROK Scipio Africanus
Source: SecretLab Black
SecretLab Classic looks like ROK Mulan
gaming chairs
Source: SecretLab Classic
SecretLab Amber looks like ROK Joan of Arc
Source: SecretLab Amber
SecretLab Ash look like ROK Richard
Source: SecretLab Ash
SecretLab G2 looks like ROK Boudica
Source: SecretLab G2
SecretLab OG looks like ROK Suleiman 1
Source: SecretLab OG
SecretLab Team Liquid looks like ROK Sun Tzu
Peerless Scholar Rise of Kingdoms
Source: SecretLab Team Liquid
SecretLab Evil Geniuses looks like ROK Wu Zetian
Source: SecretLab Evil Geniuses
SecretLab Worlds 2020 looks like ROK Cheok Jun-Gyeong
Source: SecretLab Worlds 2020
SecretLab Akali looks like ROK Jadwiga
Source: SecretLab Akali
SecretLab House Targaryen looks like ROK Diaochan
Source: SecretLab House Targaryen

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