POE | Path of Exile – Boss Fights

Act 3 – The Sarn Encampment

General Gravicius – Ebony Barracks

Piety – The Lunaris Temple

Dominus – The Sceptre of God

Tip: The crates at the top right-hand corner of the map can be used to block projectile attacks by the boss. Hide well behind them when the boss starts throwing projectiles at you.

Act 4 – Highgate

King Kaom – Kaom’s Stronghold

Tip: Avoid the fireballs. Bring the fight to an area of the circle away from the range of the fireballs.

Daresso – The Grand Arena

Tip: Avoid the summoned swords. Whenever Daresso casts the spell that summons multiple swordsmen, get away from him.

Piety, the Abomination – The Belly of the Beast

Shavronne of Umbra – Shavronne’s Arena

Maligaro, The Inquisitor – Maligaro’s Arena

Doedre Darktongue – Doedre’s Arena

Malachai, The Nightmare – The Black Core

Tip: In the first phase of the boss fight, when Piety shouts: “Kill me”, stop attacking Malachi and start attacking Piety. In all phases of the boss fight, avoid Malachai’s high-damage skill that looks like he’s spilling out his intestines at you from a portal he summoned.

Act 5 – Overseer’s Tower

Kitava, The Insatiable – Cathedral Rooftop

Tip: Stay to the sides of Kitava to avoid his arm-sweep attacks.

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