Best Pokémon to choose as a Buddy to Walk and earn Candy

In Pokémon GO, you can earn Candies by walking with your Buddy Pokémon. It is free, rewards (Candies) are great, and is a good form of exercise (the Walking, of course).

You can Walk around with a Pokémon set as your buddy on the Map. Your buddy will only appear on the Map when its hunger meter is full, and will remain on the Map until the hunger meter is fully depleted. You can earn Candies for your Buddy Pokémon when you complete a certain Walking Distance that depends on the choice of Buddy Pokémon you picked. Click on your Buddy icon at the bottom left of your screen and you can see the Walking Distance required at the bottom of the next screen.

Do you know?

If you feed your Buddy with a Poffin, the distance needed to earn Candy will be reduced!

Best Pokémon as Buddy at 5KM

At this walking distance, you have plenty of good options. We list down below the Pokémon we think you should only consider as a Buddy to earn candies for every 5KM walked.


Eevee is a great choice as a Buddy in early-game, as well as late-game, as it evolves into many useful Pokémon, including the dark-type Umbreon (who is a Top Pokémon in Great League and Ultra League) as well as fairy-type Sylveon (who is a Top-100 Master League Pokémon). Furthermore, Eevee has 8 different evolutions, which are easily accessible to early-gamers to evolve and unlock in their Pokédex by earning candies from walking. Lastly, if you have already evolved Eevee once into a particular Pokémon (e.g. Sylveon) using the “nickname trick” (which can only be used once) and you wish to evolve another Eevee into the same Pokémon (e.g. Sylveon), you will need to earn 70 Buddy hearts with the Eevee as a Buddy (i.e. your selected Eevee has to be at Great Buddy level) in order to do so. See my post for more details: Guide on Eevee evolution.

Best Pokémon as Buddy at 10KM

At this walking distance, you really should pick the best choice as Buddy to make the most of your walking efforts. We list down below the Pokémon we think you should only consider as a Buddy to earn candies for every 10KM walked.

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