Rise of Kingdoms: Boudica – Skills, Talent Tree and Best Pairings

boudica rise of kingdom

Celtic Rose

(AD 30 – 605) – 30 years

Rarity: EPIC

Civilization: Britain


Boudica was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61. However, the Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus’ eventual victory over Boudica confirmed Roman control of the province. Boudica then either killed herself to avoid capture, or died of illness. Interest in these events revived in the English Renaissance and led to Boudica’s fame in the Victorian era. Boudica has remained an important cultural symbol in the United Kingdom. The absence of native British literature during the early part of the first millennium means that knowledge of Boudica’s rebellion comes solely from the writings of the Romans.

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Commander Skills:

Lament of the Insurgent – Deals damage to a target by a factor of 600, reduces its rage (by 100) and attack (by 25%) for 2 seconds. When Boudica is Expertised, damage is increased to a factor of 1,000.

Group Battle – Deal 25% increased damage to barbarians. Both commanders gain 20% bonus experience from defeating barbarians.

Celtic Blood – When using a skill, gain 50 rage and heal a portion of slightly wounded units by a factor of 400.

Queen of the Iceni – Chance to increase damage on next turn with each attack: 5% chance to increase by 50%; 3% chance to increase by 100%; and 2% chance to increase by 150%.

Best Talent Build(s):

  • Peacekeeping

Boudica is a very useful Peacekeeping commander to bring with you in your five daily barbarian-hunting marches as her first skill (“Lament of the Insurgent”) reduces rage of target by 100 and its attack by 25% for 2 seconds, which means less wounded troops for you and less resources consumed in healing those troops in hospitals.

Boudica’s second skill (“Group Battle”) increases damage dealt to barbarians by 25% and also gives both commanders 20% bonus experience from defeating barbarians.

Best Commander Pairing(s):

  • Any Commander that you want to level up.

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Talent Tree Build(s):


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