Rise of Kingdoms: Charles Martel – Skills, Talent Trees and Best Pairings

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The Immortal Hammer

(676 – 741) – 65 years


Civilization: France


Charles Martel was a Frankish statesman and military leader who as Duke and Prince of the Franks and Mayor of the Palace, was de facto ruler of Francia from 718 until his death. In 732, the army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by Al Ghafiqi met Frankish and Burgundian forces under Charles in an area between the cities of Tours and Poitiers, leading to a decisive, historically important Frankish victory known as the Battle of Tours, ending the “last of the great Arab invasions of France”, a military victory termed “brilliant” on the part of Charles.

Charles Martel is also considered to be a founding figure of the European Middle Ages. Skilled as an administrator as well as a warrior, he is credited with a seminal role in the emerging responsibilities of the knights of courts, and so in the development of the Frankish system of feudalism.

Charles Martel Commander Skills:


Shield of Francia
Active Skill
Rage requirement: 1000

Troops led by this commander deal 10% increased damage for 4 seconds, and gain a shield for 4 seconds which can absorb a large amount of damage (Damage Factor 600).

Direct Damage Factor: 600/700/800/1000/1200
Damage Bonus: 10%/14%/18%/24%/30%

Heavy Infantry
Passive Skill
Infantry units led by this commander gain 5% increased defense and 5% increased health.

Infantry Defense Bonus: 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%
Infantry Health Bonus: 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

The Uncrowned King
Passive Skill
While this commander is leading the garrison of your own city, garrison troops gain 2% increased attack, and the watchtower gains 2% increased defense.

Watchtower Defense Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Garrison Attack Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

Martel’s Counterattack
Passive Skill
Troops led by this commander gain 10% increased counterattack damage.

Counterattack Damage Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Rise from the Ashes
Expertised: Enhanced Heavy Infantry
Infantry units led by this commander gain 20% increased defense, 20% increased health and 20% increased march speed.

Best Commander Pairings for Charles Martel:

  • Open-field: Liu Che (Charles Martel as primary commander)
  • Open-field: Scipio Prime (Charles as primary commander) – Scipio Prime has an active skill with the highest damage amongst all infantry commanders (Damage Factor 2000) and 30% target health reduction. A 5511 Charles will do well with Scipio as Charles provides tankiness/toughness and his first skill provides 30% increased damage for 4 seconds. Enemies usually do not choose to target/swarm Charles Martel and hence he is a good choice (as primary commander) to pair with Scipio
  • Open-field: Harald Sigurdsson (Charles Martel as primary commander)
  • Open-field: Yi Seong-Gye (Charles Martel as primary commander)

Best Talent Trees for Charles Martel:


Charles Martel

City Garrison Defense

Charles Martel

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