Cheok Jun-gyeong – Skills, Talent Trees and Commander Pairs 2023

Cheok Jun-gyeong - Skills, Talent Trees and Commander Pairs 2023

Minister Protector



One of the most famous generals of the Goryeo Dynasty, Cheok Jun-gyeong took part in multiple campaigns against the Jurchen Invasion.

Private armies played a pivotal role during Goryeo Yejong’s ascension to power and Cheok Jun-gyeong, who came from such a background, came to earn significant trust from the monarch. Cheok Jun-gyeong soon became a part of Goryeo Yejong’s military retainer.

He took part in the campaigns against the Jurchens with a string of victories with such impressive swordsmanship as to inspire legends that have lasted until today, and was appointed to a moderately senior official position. Subsequently, the Jurchens arrived in Yeongju at the head of 20,000 cavalry and announced an offer of a duel, which Cheok Jun-gyeong accepted at great personal risk. He exited the safety of the besieged city and won the duel, returning a hero.

Goryeo Injong promoted him to a position equivalent to a local minister of finances in the year 1144. Unfortunately, he contracted severe gangrene in his back after a month, and passed away soon after in Guzhou.

Cheok Jun-gyeong Commander Skills:


(active skill)
Deals direct damage (damage factor: 900) to the target. If the target has been reduced to 30% or less units remaining, deals an additional damage (damage factor: 100).

Direct Damage Factor: 900/1100/1300/1500/1700
Additional Damage Factor: 100/150/200/250/300

(passive skill)
Infantry units led by this commander gain 20% increased attack. They deal 1% increased damage against cavalry, but take 5% more damage from archers.

Infantry Attack Bonus: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
Infantry Damage vs. Cavalry Increased: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%

(passive skill)
While on the map, troops led by this commander have a 40% chance to take 20% less skill damage. This damage reduction effect can trigger once every 4 seconds.

Damage Taken Reduced By: 20%/25%/30%/40%/50%

(passive skill)
If troops led by this commander consist only of infantry units, they gain 3% increased march speeds with a 50% chance of dealing 1% increased skill damage for 8 seconds when attacking. This effect can trigger once every 4 seconds and can be stacked up to 8 times.

March Speed Bonus: 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%
Probability: 50%/60%/70%/80%/100%
Skill Damage Bonus: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%

Vow to the Death
(passive skill)
Enhanced Stalwart
While on the map, troops led by this commander have a 40% chance to take 50% less skill damage and deal skill damage to up to 3 enemy targets in a fan-shaped area (Damage Factor = number of special Sacrifice buffs x 50). Damage from this attack is reduced by 15% per additional target. This ability can trigger once every 3 seconds.

Best Commander Pairings for Cheok Jun-gyeong:

Best Talent Trees for Cheok Jun-gyeong:

Note that talents do not matter when the commander is used as a secondary commander.


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