Rise of Kingdoms: Constance – Skills, Talent Tree

Constance - Skills, Talent Tree 2022

Queen of Sicily

Rarity: ELITE

Civilization: Sicily


Constance was the rightful heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily, but was not immediately recognized by the aristocracy following her father’s death. In 1186, she married Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI and took her place as Queen of Sicily. However, Henry’s tyrannical rule over the kingdom led to revolts in Catania and southern Sicily.

Henry attempted to placate the rebels by having Constance rule in his stead, but the Sicilians considered the change to be of little substance. Infuriated by Henry’s neglect of her and mistreatment of her people, Constance herself joined the uprising. The rebels eventually besieged Henry and forced him to sign a treaty. In 1197, Henry died suddenly during a visit to Sicily – poisoned by Constance, according to some sources.

The following year Constance arranged for her infant son Frederick II to be crowned King of Sicily, with herself as Queen Regent, and broke the ties her late husband had formed between Sicily and the Holy Roman Empire. While retaining her status as Empress Dowager of the Holy Roman Empire, Constance was content to see her son succeed only the Sicilian throne, with no desire to claim kingship over the Germans. Constance died suddenly that November, and did not live to witness her son’s great achievements. In her will, Constance established the Council of Regency for Sicily and named Pope Innocent III as guardian to young Frederick, ensuring the safety of her son’s inheritance.

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Review of Commander Constance:

  • Constance gets a maximum of 55% (30% + 25%) gathering speed bonus for food/wood/stone/gold from her Gathering Talents – “Gathering Mastery” (+30% gathering speed for Food/Wood/Stone/Gold) and “Superior Tools” (+25% gathering speed of all resource types)
  • Constance gets a maximum of 20% wood gathering speed bonus and 15% food/stone gathering speed bonuses from her skills (second skill).
  • Overall, before considering bonuses from equipment, Constance gets 75% wood gathering speed bonus, 70% food/stone gathering speed bonus, 55% gold gathering speed bonus and 25% gathering speed bonus for Gems. Constance has the second-highest gathering speed for wood resource in RoK, after Queen Tamar of Georgia.
  • Constance’s fourth skill provides a bonus of additional 10% resources upon completion of gathering. This skill is especially useful when used in gathering Gems.
  • Constance’s third skill provides 30% increased load – this bonus will be useful when gathering in Alliance Mother Lode (typically for gold).
  • What commander level should your Constance be? I would recommend leveling Gaius Marius up to level 30 as soon as possible to unlock her fourth skill (10% additional resources). Then, level her up to about level 40 to have enough points to allocate into Gathering Talents that boost gathering speed and march speed. A slow march may result in you losing out on the resource to other players with faster marches.

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Constance Commander Skills:

Struggling Poison – Deals damage of factor 150 to target and extra damage per second of factor 150 for 3 seconds. In my opinon, this is not a useful skill for a gathering commander.

The Regent – The main gathering skill for Constance that boosts gathering speed. Level up this skill to maximum level as soon as possible.

Loving Mother – 30% increased load to troops led by Constance. This increases the number of siege units that Constance can bring with her to the resource node and increases the total resources that Constance can carry with her from the node.

Queen of Sicily – Receive 10% additional resources upon completion of gathering. This is a great gathering skill that sets Constance apart from the other gathering commanders.

Talent Tree for Constance:


I highly recommend that you level your gathering commanders up to level 40 first, to unlock all four skills of the commander, and using the talent points in nodes in “Gathering” talent. Above level 40, you can allocate talent points into nodes in the other talents to add march speed.

Constance - Skills, Talent Tree 2022

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