Rise of Kingdoms: Gaius Marius – Skills and Talent Tree

Gaius Marius

Reformer of the Legions

Rarity: ELITE

Civilization: Rome


Gaius Marius was a Roman general and statesman who served as consul of the Roman Republic seven times throughout his life.

Gaius took office soon after the Roman forces had been defeated by the invading Germanic tribes (the Teutones, the Ambrones, and the Cimbri). He swiftly implemented a number of military reforms and instituted a draft.

Gaius succeeded in leading Rome to victory over the Germanic tribes, but his military draft changed Roman society forever. Professional soldiers grew more and more attached to the leaders they followed, giving popular generals unprecedented political power that ultimately transformed the Roman Republic into a tyrannical empire.

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Review of Commander Gaius Marius:

  • Gaius Marius gets a maximum of 55% (30% + 25%) gathering speed bonus for food/wood/stone/gold from his Gathering Talents – “Gathering Mastery” (+30% gathering speed for Food/Wood/Stone/Gold) and “Superior Tools” (+25% gathering speed of all resource types)
  • Gaius Marius gets a maximum of 20% food gathering speed bonus and 15% wood/stone gathering speed bonuses from his skills (second skill).
  • Overall, before considering bonuses from equipment, Gaius Marius gets 75% food gathering speed bonus, 70% wood/stone gathering speed bonus, 55% gold gathering speed bonus and 25% gathering speed bonus for Gems. Gaius Marius has the second-highest gathering speed for food resource in RoK, after Ishida Mitsunari.
  • Gaius Marius‘s third skill provides 30% increased load – this bonus will be useful when gathering in Alliance Mother Lode (typically for gold).
  • What commander level should your Gaius Marius be? I would recommend leveling Gaius Marius up to level 20 as soon as possible to unlock his third skill (10% increased load). Then, level him up to about level 40 to have enough points to allocate into Gathering Talents that boost gathering speed and march speed. A slow march may result in you losing out on the resource to other players with faster marches.

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Gaius Marius Commander Skills:

Savior of Italy – Heals a portion of slightly wounded units by factor of 150, and deals damage to target by factor of 150 and inflicts slow-down, reducing its march speed by 30% for 2 seconds. In my opinion, not a useful skill for a gathering commander.

Founder of Empire – Increases gathering speed. You should level up this skill as soon as possible.

Marius’s Reform – Gain 30% increased load. Another useful skill for a gathering commander.

Conqueror of Numidia – Siege units gain 15% increased march speed. When taking damage, ratio of slightly wounded units is increased by 5%.

Talent Tree for Gaius Marius:


I highly recommend that you level your gathering commanders up to level 40 first, to unlock all four skills of the commander, and using the talent points in nodes in “Gathering” talent. Above level 40, you can allocate talent points into nodes in the other talents to add march speed.

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