Rise of Kingdoms: Lohar – Skills, Talent Tree and Best Pairings


Roaring Barbarian

Rarity: EPIC


Lohar was born into a remote barbarian tribe. He demonstrated remarkable fighting talent from a young age, and as a result was given rigorous training in the hope that he would one day lead his people’s forces against their enemies.

Just when Lohar had begun to grow weary of the harsh, interminable training, the shadow of war fell upon his tribe. Lohar witnessed the brutality of barbarian battles firsthand, and was even forced to watch as the fort where he had lived his entire life was razed to the ground. After that, young Lohar swore that he would do everything in his power to protect his people.

Years passed, but Lohar’s resolve never wavered. Lohar grew up into a dauntless warrior, a pillar of strength supporting the entire tribe. One day he came across the very same tribe that had destroyed his childhood home. Lohar’s troops defeated their hated enemies, but instead of taking revenge and perpetuating the cycle of devastation, Lohar made peace between the two tribes.

A symbol of hope and forgiveness, Lohar’s army is one of the most feared and respected in all the kingdom.

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Lohar – Commander Skills:

Overwhelming Force – Deals damage to target by a factor of 450 and heals portion of slightly wounded units by a factor of 450.

Sanction – Deal 35% increased damage against barbarians.

Lohar’s Trial – Gain 70% additional experience.

Unruly Blood – Heals portion of slightly wounded units after leaving battle by a factor of 1,000.

(Expertised) Unyielding Spirit – Increased healing factor of Lohar’s fourth skill from 1,000 to 2,000.


Best Commander Pairing(s):

  • Any Commander that you want to level up.

Talent Tree Build(s):


This build prioritizes talent nodes in the Peacekeeping talent as well as talent nodes in Support talent that builds rage and enhances healing effects, since his first and fourth skills have healing effects.

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