Rise of Kingdoms: Minamoto – Skills, Talent Trees and Best Pairings

Minamoto no Yoshitsune ROK 2022

(1159 – 1189) – 30 years


Civilization: Japan


Review of Commander Minamoto

  • Minamoto is a legendary commander that you can only obtain in RoK by spending your money – $1.49 per Character. If you have more than 1 Characters in your Account, you will need to pay $1.49 for each Character to unlock the commander for all Characters in your Account.
  • For $1.49, Minamoto is good value as he is very strong in barbarian hunting/fort rallying and PvP (early-game).
  • Minamoto’s Relic in the Museum adds a boost of 20% Cavalry Defense and 25% Cavalry Attack – a massive boost to Minamoto in terms of damage and survivability in the open-field battling.

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Minamoto Commander Skills:

Kyohachiryu – Minamoto’s main offensive skill deals very strong damage for a potential total factor of 2,000, for a commander that is released fairly early in the game.

Trial in Kurama-dera – Passive bonus to attack (20%) and march speed (10%) is massive. Just make sure he is leading a cavalry troop to enjoy the bonus.

Master of Kendo – 50% bonus damage to barbarians makes Minamoto the strongest commander against barbarians and barbarian forts.

Warlord – Increased damage taken by target by 30% for 3 seconds is wonderful, but the 10% chance to trigger this passive skill reduces the attractiveness of this skill as compared to the other skills.

(Expertised) Kyohachiryu Kiwami – The Expertised skill of Minamoto increases the average damage dealt by Minamoto’s first skill (Kyohachiryu) as it increases the chance to trigger extra damage from 50% to 75%.

Best Commander Pairings for Minamoto:

  • Open-field: Alexander Nevsky (Minamoto as secondary commander) – Like Minamoto, Nevsky deals massive single-target damage to enemy (Damage Factor of 2300) and inflicts to enemy a defense reduction debuff of up to 45% when the enemy is surrounded by 3 or more troops. Nevsky also adds tankiness/toughness with his second skill (20% cavalry health bonus) and third skill (20% cavalry defense bonus and 5% damage reduction from surrounded targets). Minamoto’s fourth skill provides a debuff to enemies (10% chance to increase damage taken by the target by 30% for 3 seconds) which can be devastating when combined with Nevsky’s high skill damage.
  • Open-field (early-game): Genghis Khan (Minamoto as secondary commander)
  • Barbarian fort rally: Cao Cao (Minamoto as primary commander) or Alexander Nevsky (Minamoto as primary commander)

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Best Talent Trees for Minamoto:


Barbarian fort rally

Maximizing the skills and “Skill” talent of Minamoto to take down barbarian forts with ease:

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