Rise of Kingdoms: Šárka – Skills and Talent Tree


Mead of Death

Rarity: ELITE

Civilization: Czech


Sarka first appeared in the traditional Bohemian tale of the Maidens’ War.

In the 9th century AD, the Czech queen Libuse assembled a royal guard composed entirely of young women. The captain of the guard was a renowed female Czech warrior, Vlasta. After Libuse’s death, Vlasta led a group of women (“The Maidens”) against the patriarchal forces of Libuse’s husband. Sarka served as Vlasta’s deputy commander.

According to legend, Sarka set a trap by tying herself to a tree. When found by the enemy soldiers, she claimed that the Maidens had tied her there. After winning their trust, Sarka added a sleeping potion to a jug of mead and poured a cup for each man as a sign of thanks. Once the men were fast asleep, she signaled the rest of the Maidens to come out of hiding and slaughter the men.

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Review of Commander Šárka:

  • Šárka gets a maximum of 55% (30% + 25%) gathering speed bonus for food/wood/stone/gold from her Gathering Talents – “Gathering Mastery” (+30% gathering speed for Food/Wood/Stone/Gold) and “Superior Tools” (+25% gathering speed of all resource types)
  • Šárka gets a maximum of 18% gathering speed bonus (for all resource types) from her skills (second skill).
  • Overall, before considering bonuses from equipment, Šárka gets 73% gathering speed bonus for food/wood/stone/gold and 43% gathering speed bonus for Gems. Šárka has the highest gathering speed for Gems, but in my opinion, you should always use Constance to gather gems as her fourth skill provides 10% additional gems upon gathering completion.
  • Šárka‘s third skill provides 30% increased load, and her fourth skill provides 10% increased troop capacity – these bonuses will be useful when gathering in Alliance Mother Lode (typically for gold).
  • What commander level should your Šárka be? I would recommend leveling Šárka up to level 30 as soon as possible to unlock her fourth skill (10% increased troop capacity). Then, level her up to about level 40 to have enough points to allocate into Gathering Talents that boost gathering speed and march speed. A slow march may result in you losing out on the resource to other players with faster marches.

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Šárka Commander Skills in Rise of Kingdoms:

Enchantment – Deals damage of factor 200 to target and inflicts slow-down, reducing target’s march speed by 30% for 3 seconds. In my opinion, not a useful skill for a gathering commander.

The Maidens’ War – Increases gathering speed by 18%. You should level up this skill as soon as possible.

Lost Treasure – Gain 30% increased load. Another useful skill for a gathering commander.

Short-lived Heroine – Gain 10% increased troop capacity, but lose 10% attack. Another useful skill for a gathering commander.

Talent Tree for Šárka in Rise of Kingdoms:


I highly recommend that you level your gathering commanders up to level 40 first, to unlock all four skills of the commander, and using the talent points in nodes in “Gathering” talent. Above level 40, you can allocate talent points into nodes in the other talents to add march speed.

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