Rise of Kingdoms: Seondeok – Skills and Talent Tree

Seondeok - Skills and Talent Tree 2022

Queen of Silla


Civilization: Korea


Queen Seondeok of Silla reigned as Queen Regnant of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, from 632 to 647. She was Silla’s twenty-seventh ruler, and its first reigning queen. She was the second female sovereign in recorded East Asian history and encouraged a renaissance in thought, literature, and the arts in Silla. In Samguksagi, Queen Seondeok was described as “generous, benevolent, wise, and smart”.

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Review of Commander Seondeok:

  • Ways to obtain Sendeok commander sculptures: Commander Sculpture Chest from Events (e.g. Symphony of Destiny), Golden Chest in Tavern.
  • Seondeok gets a maximum of 55% (30% + 25%) gathering speed bonus for food/wood/stone/gold from her Gathering Talents – “Gathering Mastery” (+30% gathering speed for Food/Wood/Stone/Gold) and “Superior Tools” (+25% gathering speed of all resource types)
  • Seondeok gets a maximum of 30% gold gathering speed bonus and 20% gathering speed bonus for all other resource types (food/wood/stone/Gems) from her skills (second skill).
  • Overall, before considering bonuses from equipment, Seondeok gets 85% gold gathering speed bonus and 75% gathering speed bonus for all other resource types (including Gems). Seondeok has the highest gathering speed for gold resource. Gold resource is the most important resource at end-game stage, as gold is required to train the highest tier T5 troops. Hence, you should maximize the gold gathering speed and yield of Seondeok.
  • Seondeok’s Expertise skill provides a bonus of additional 10% resources upon completion of gathering, the same benefit as the fourth skill of Constance. This skill is especially useful when used in gathering Gems. In addition, her Expertise skill also provides 30% increased load of siege units, which is useful when gathering in Alliance Mother Lode (typically for gold).
  • What commander level should your Seondeok be? I would recommend leveling Seondeok up to level 10 as soon as possible to unlock her second skill. Then, level her up to about level 40 to have enough points to allocate into Gathering Talents that boost gathering speed and march speed. However, it will cost you Dazzling Starlight Sculptures to level her up to level 40, which you may want to spend on other legendary commanders instead.

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Seondeok Commander Skills:


(active skill)
Rage requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to the target troops (Damage Factor 600) and reduce their rage by 50.

Direct Damage Factor: 600/800/1000/1200/1400
Rage Reduction: 50/60/70/80/100

(passive skill)
Troops led by this commander gain 3% increased gathering speed plus 2% when gathering gold.

Gathering Speed Bonus: 3%/6%/10%/15%/20%
Bonus Gathering Speed (Gold): 2%/4%/5%/5%/10%

(passive skill)
When gathering from resource points, siege units led by this commander gain 10% increased defense and 10% increased health.

Siege Unit Defense Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Siege Unit Health Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

(passive skill)
When troops led by this commander consist of only siege units, all normal attacks have a 10% chance to deal an additional damage to the target (Damage Factor 500).

Additional Damage Factor: 500/600/700/800/1000

Expertised: Honoring the Heavens
(passive skill)
Increase load of siege units by 30% and grants an additional 10% resources when gathering is complete.

Talent Tree for Seondeok:


Seondeok - Skills and Talent Tree 2022

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