Rise of Kingdoms: Anniversary Festival – Free 450 Gems!

Read on to find out how to get your hands on free gems in ROK from the Anniversary Festival event.

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Circus of Wonders – Free 200 Gems

STEP 1: Click on icon to enter “Anniversary Festival” event page

Anniversary Festival rok rise of kingdoms 2022

STEP 2: Click on “Circus of Wonders”

Anniversary Festival rise of kingdoms

STEP 3: Click on the parrot on the left about 20 times, until the parrot says “Not so rough! You wanna leave me bald!?”. You will not receive additional gems from this point onwards.

STEP 4: Check your item resource inventory for 4 x “50 Gem”. You are welcome!

RoK Yearbook – Free 250 Gems

Go to “Your RoK Yearbook” in the Anniversary Festival event page once it becomes accessible.

Anniversary Festival

Browse through your yearbook until you get to the page that allows you to pick a “Keyword” that will be displayed at the top of your city name plaque. Receive 50 Gems when you select the “KEYWORD OF THE YEAR” and share this to an in-game group chat or friend.

Anniversary Festival

Turn to the last page. Claim and receive another 200 Gems.

Anniversary Festival

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