Rise of Kingdoms: Arms Training Event

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Arms Training

Introduction to Arms Training event

  • Arms Training is an event where you can battle Armsmaster Lohar to obtain Completion Rewards and Rank Rewards. Completion Rewards include Dazzling Starlight Sculptures, Crystal Keys, Equipment Materials Choice Chests, Speedups; Rank Rewards include Gems, Legendary Commander Sculptures, Speedups, and 12-Hour Enhanced Defense/Attack boosts.
  • You will have to battle and defeat Armsmaster Lohar multiple times. Lohar starts off with two pre-selected Starting Skills (see TIP #1 below), and you will pick an Active Skill (see TIP #4 below), out of a choice of 10, to activate for Lohar before you start the battle with him.
  • Every third time you defeat Lohar’s troops, he will “level up” and activate a new skill, which you will pick again.
  • You can only use one troop for the entire duration of each challenge, and no healing is allowed. If your troop returns to your city, the event ends.
  • Once your troop is defeated, returned to city or defeated a fully-upgraded Lohar 3 times, the session ends and your Points will be tallied.
  • Buffs and skills that provide a damage bonus against barbarians do not work in this event.
  • You can challenge Armsmaster Lohar 4 times a day.

TIP #1 – Review Lohar’s Starting Skills

When you begin the Arms Training event, Lohar starts off with two pre-selected Starting Skills and you will have the choice of selecting which of his Active Skills to activate, one by one. Lohar’s Starting Skills are shown at the bottom of the screen. See illustration below.

In our example, his Starting Skills reduce damage taken from archers by 20% and disables healing and reinforcements. This implies that commanders that utilize archer troops and have healing skills will have a disadvantage. Select the Commander and Troop Type you use to challenge Armsmaster Lohar wisely!

TIP #2 – Peacekeeping Commanders do not have an advantage

As described in the introductory section of this event, buffs and skills that provide damage bonus against barbarians do not work in this event. This means any damage bonus against barbarians found in Peacekeeping Talents of Commanders like Æthelflæd, Lohar, or Keira do not work in this event. As a result, you should select the best Commander Pair you have and most appropriate Troop Type to challenge Armsmaster Lohar. This is most likely your strongest Commander pairing for outfield battles.

TIP #3 – Runes and Boosts

Before you begin challenging Armsmaster Lohar, you can do the following steps to increase your chances of defeating Armsmaster Lohar:

  • Gather any health/defense/attack Rune;
  • Purchase the daily buff from the Kingdom Newspaper in Lyceum of Wisdom;
  • Make sure you select the right City Skin for your selected Troop Type;
  • Activate Enhanced Attack/Defense boost;
  • Activate Basic/Advanced Army Expansion.

TIP #4 – Plan the order of Lohar’s Active Skills to activate

In every Arms Training event, you are presented with a set of 10 random Active Skills to activate. Armsmaster Lohar has more than 10 Active Skills in his arsenal, but only a random set of 10 Active Skills are available for you to pick in each Arms Training event.

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Given that Lohar’s Active Skills stack, you should of course pick the “weaker” skills first. Also, note that some of Lohar’s Active Skills are triggered only after 10 seconds. If you are able to defeat Armsmaster Lohar within 10 seconds, these skills are not effective against you. For most players, the duration of most battles with Armsmaster Lohar will be within 20 seconds.

See below for our recommended order of Lohar Skills selection in Rise of Kingdoms.

Skill OrderActive SkillSkill Description
Will of Battle
During an engagement of battle, when Lohar’s troop units are reduced to 50%, after 10 seconds immediately heal to 30% troop units.
Thrill of Battle
For every 10 seconds in battle, Lohar’s troops will increase their attack and defense by 10%, to a maximum of 100%.
Rapid Regeneration
Whenever attacked, Lohar’s troops have a 10% chance to heal troop units by 1%, and in the next 10 seconds continuously heal troop units.
Reinforced Armor
Every 10 seconds, Lohar’s troops gain a shield (Damage Factor 1000) for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, incoming normal attack damage is reduced by 20%.
Ancestral Protection
Whenever attacked, Lohar has a 10% chance to gain a shield (Damage Factor 800) for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, Lohar’s troops deal an extra 20% normal attack damage.
Surging Strike
When using skills, Lohar immediately recovers 100 Rage and increases normal attack damage by 100% for 3 seconds.
Iron Resolve
Troops led by Lohar have a 100% chance to gain 200 Rage whenever attacked, and troops led by you will gain 50 Rage.
Armor of Thorns
Increases defense of all troops led by Lohar by 10%, and increases counterattack damage by 50%.
Malignant Venom
Lohar’s troops add a stack of poison with each attack, lasting 10 seconds and stacking up to 30 times (duration is refreshed when a stack is added). Each stack increases damage taken from all sources by 1%.
Poisoned Arrows
Governors’ troops attacked by Lohar will continuously take damage (Damage Factor 100) each second, and reduce Speed of Rage Gained by 10% for 1 second.
Wild Rage
Attacks have a 10% chance to deal extra damage once (Damage Factor: 1000) and silence the target for 3 seconds.
Master of the Bow
Lohar’s mastery of the bow allows him to snipe enemy wrists with incredible accuracy, causing them to drop their weapons. When Lohar uses this skill, your troops will become Disarmed (normal attacks disabled) for 3 seconds.
No Retreat
When Lohar’s troop strength is lower than 50%, his troops deal an extra 20% normal attack damage and 20% counterattack damage, and take 20% less skill damage.
Combo Shots
Lohar’s active skill is powered up to “Combo Shots”, whenever using “Lethal Shot”, there is a 50% chance to use “Lethal Shot” again, to a maximum of 5 times.
15 (last)
Strike of Vengeance
Lohar’s troops have a 10% chance on attack to dish out an additional Strike of Vengeance, dealing damage equal to 500% of normal attack. Whenever damaged by a skill, immediately retaliate with a Strike of Vengeance.

As a reference for you, the table below is my record of the duration of my battles with Armsmaster Lohar. I used a T5 infantry troop commanded by an Expertised Guan Yu paired with Prime Scipio, activated a 12-Hour Enhanced Attack (+5%), had a Kingdom Newspaper buff (Infantry Health +1%), and no Rune buff (none available during my test).

Challenge #Skill activatedDuration
1Will of Battle10s
213s (on non-alliance territory)
4Thrill of Battle14s
515s (on non-alliance territory)
614s (on non-alliance territory)
7Ancestral Protection11s
914s (on non-alliance territory)
10Surging Strike16s
13Iron Resolve14s (on non-alliance territory)
1516s (on non-alliance territory)
16Armor of Thorns16s (on non-alliance territory)
1717s (on non-alliance territory)
1818s (on non-alliance territory)
19Malignant Venom18s (on non-alliance territory)
2119s (on non-alliance territory)
22Wild Rage20s (on non-alliance territory)
25No Retreat29s (on non-alliance territory)
2734s (on non-alliance territory)
28Strike of Vengeance43s (on non-alliance territory)
2950s (on non-alliance territory)

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