Esmeralda’s Prayer 2022

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Esmeralda’s Prayer is an 8-day event that is very rewarding and definitely worth your time. Rewards include Legendary Commander Sculptures, Bundles of Dazzling Starlight Sculptures, Halloween Decoration Choice Voucher, a Permanent City Theme, Equipment Materials Choice Chests and many more.

Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

The main event of Esmeralda’s Prayer is the “wheel”, where you spend Wishing Coins to spin the wheel for rewards.

You receive rewards indicated by where the pointer lands on the wheel after spinning. The number of each type of prize is limited and is indicated by a number on the wheel (for example, there are only 10 Golden Keys available on the wheel).

There are 8 types of “normal” prizes and 3 types of “special” prizes. When all 3 of the special prizes have been won, you will automatically receive all of the remaining prizes on the wheel, and do not need to spin it again. Once the wheel is cleared, remaining Wishing Coins can be exchanged for Golden Keys, Crystals, or Speedup items.

The first spin of the wheel consumes 1 Wishing Coin. After the first spin, you are given a choice to spend up to 3 Wishing Coins to spin the wheel with up to 3 pointers at one time.

Probabilities of Normal and Special Prizes

Esmeralda's Prayer 2022
Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

Tips For Esmeralda’s Prayer Event

You should be able to accumulate up to 35 Wishing Coins by completing all the events that award Wishing Coins during the period of the Esmeralda’s Prayer event.

Spending the 35 Wishing Coins on the wheel will allow you to claim “Extra Rewards” including the Halloween Decoration Choice (which you can exchange for 200 Gems if you already owned any of the 3 decorations) and a Permanent City Theme (Candyland).

Esmeralda's Prayer 2022
Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

You can purchase up to 10 of the 50%-discounted Wishing Coins at a cost of 450 Gems per Coin.

Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

After spinning 35 times on the wheel, an additional spin of 10 times will net you Extra Rewards of 10 Legendary Commander Sculptures, in addition to rewards gained from spinning the wheel 10 times, which is totally worth it (equivalent to spending 450 gems for each of the 10 Legendary Commander Sculptures).

Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

So how do you get your hands on those Wishing Coins? Read on to find out!


Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

Esmeralda’s Collection is a 7-day event, with multiple quests unlocked in each of the first 5 days. During this event, complete quests to gain Esmeralda’s Collection Points to progress the bar at the top of the event page, to claim rewards, which include Esmeralda’s Wishing Coins.

Esmeralda’s Collection Points

As you can see above, there are a total of 20 Wishing Coins up for grabs from the Esmeralda’s Collection event.

Quest No.Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
1Logged in for 1 dayIncrease Technical Power by 2,500Increase Building Power by 2,500Increase Troop Power by 2,500Increase Total Power by 2,500
2Logged in for 2 daysIncrease Technical Power by 10,000Increase Building Power by 10,000Increase Troop Power by 10,000Increase Total Power by 10,000
3Logged in for 3 daysIncrease Technical Power by 25,000Increase Building Power by 25,000Increase Troop Power by 25,000Increase Total Power by 25,000
4Logged in for 4 daysIncrease Technical Power by 50,000Increase Building Power by 50,000Increase Troop Power by 50,000Increase Total Power by 50,000
5Logged in for 5 daysIncrease Technical Power by 70,000Increase Building Power by 70,000Increase Troop Power by 70,000Increase Total Power by 70,000
6Logged in for 6 daysIncrease Technical Power by 100,000Increase Building Power by 100,000Increase Troop Power by 100,000Increase Total Power by 100,000
7Claim 5 Alliance GiftsGather Resources 5 Times on the MapDestroy 5 Barbarian FortsTrain 1,500 Infantry UnitsDefeat Barbarians 10 Times
8Claim 10 Alliance GiftsGather Resources 10 Times on the MapDestroy 10 Barbarian FortsTrain 3,000 Infantry UnitsDefeat Barbarians 20 Times
9Claim 20 Alliance GiftsGather Resources 20 Times on the MapConsume 50 Action PointsTrain 1,500 Cavalry UnitsDefeat Barbarians 30 Times
10Claim 30 Alliance GiftsGather 100,000 Resources on the MapConsume 500 Action PointsTrain 3,000 Cavalry UnitsDefeat Barbarians 50 Times
11Claim 40 Alliance GiftsGather 1,000,000 Resources on the MapConsume 1,000 Action PointsTrain 1,500 Archer UnitsDefeat Barbarians 75 Times
12Claim 50 Alliance GiftsGather 3,000,000 Resources on the MapConsume 1,500 Action PointsTrain 3,000 Archer UnitsDefeat Barbarians 100 Times
13Use 2,000 Minutes of Speedup ItemsConsume 3,000 Action PointsHelp Your Allies 50 Times
14Use 3,000 Minutes of Speedup ItemsConsume 5,000 Action Points

Tips For Esmeralda’s Collection Event

  1. All quests are equal, you do not need to complete all quests to claim all event rewards, choose wisely which quests to complete – each quest rewards you with 2 Esmeralda’s Collection Points upon completion. There are a total of 65 quests that will be unlocked over five days, giving a maximum total of 130 points if you complete all 65 quests. However, you only need 100 points to claim all rewards available. Take it slow and use your resources (like Action Point Recovery Potions, Speedups) wisely.
  2. Take your time. Do not use your Speedups to train troops or increase troop power on Day 4 – 3,000 units can be trained in less than 3 days for most players without using Expanded Trainings. With your Barracks, Archery Range, Stable and Siege Workshop at maximum level (25), you can train 4 x 2,000 Tier-4 units (Power of 4 each unit) in about a day with a Training Rune and Duke kingdom title (total increase to troop power of 32,000 per day). You have a total of 4 days (including Day 4) to complete the quests for training units and increasing troop power as Esmeralda’s Collection event is spread over 7 days. Moreover, Day 5 will unlock quests that require you to increase Total Power.
  3. Highlighted in green in table above are 50 quests any player should be able to complete easily to claim all rewards from the Esmeralda’s Collection event without using your precious resources unnecessarily.
  4. In KvK, adjust your plan on which quests to complete, as you encounter Bastions QuestsSome Bastions Quest may require you to train units, increase power, use Research Speedups, defeat barbarians, defeat barbarian forts. Given the importance to complete Bastions Quests for KvK fights (to unlock Bastion Support Skills) and for claiming KvK Crusader Achievements rewards, take note of how many Esmeralda’s Collection Points you have and how many more you need, and plan which remaining quests to complete to conserve your precious resources like Speedups and Action Point Recovery potions.
  5. This event rewards you up to a total of 20 Wishing Coins.


Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

The Ceroli Assault is a very easy event that lasts for 4 days, where you team up with 11 other players to battle Adjudicator Natali. Defeating Natali rewards you with Ceroli Vouchers, which you can redeem for chests rewards. There are a total of 3 Bejeweled Chests (which contain the best rewards like Dazzling Starlight Sculptures, 8-hour Speedups, Wishing Coins, Equipment Materials Choice Chest) and an unlimited number of Combat Chests.

Esmeralda's Prayer 2022
Esmeralda's Prayer 2022
Esmeralda's Prayer 2022

Tips For Ceroli Assault Event

  1. Do this event as soon as you can each day, especially on Day 1 – To challenge Natali, you will need Horns of Ceroli, which you gain over time during the event (1 point in 900 seconds, or 15 minutes). This means that in one day, you can gain up to 96 Horns. The maximum number of Horns you can hold is 100. Make sure you use your Horns and not let them go to waste.
  2. Select QUICK battles 3 times per day to receive the bonus reward of Lvl 6 Tomes of Knowledge – Not a big deal, but it is still a freebie!
  3. The battle mechanics with Adjudicator Natali is similar to Keira in Ceroli Crisis event – Click here to find out more.
  4. The following boosts take effect in the event: buffs from equipment, alliance skills, alliance technologies, alliance titles, individual technologies, commander talents, VIP bonuses, civilization bonuses, city buildings, city themes, holy sites and runes. Enhanced Attack, Enhanced Defense and Army Expansion will not take effect in the event.
  5. If you are free-to-play, choose the role of a Tank and make sure you have the Tank skill “Shatter Armor” – The Tank skill “Shatter Armor” reduces target’s defense by 20% for 30 seconds, and stacks up to 3 times. This skill will speed up the battle for your team significantly.
  6. When redeeming Ceroli Vouchers for Bejeweled Chest rewards, always change the chest once you have obtained all the Core rewards and most of the Base rewards like the “100 Gem”, Equipment Materials Chests and 60-Minute Speedups – Redeem your Ceroli Vouchers for chests after every battle. This will allow you to spend less Ceroli Vouchers to acquire all the best rewards in the Bejeweled Chests.

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