Rise of Kingdoms: Karuak Ceremony Event Guide

Karuak Ceremony – 4 days event in Rise of Kingdoms.

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karuak ceremony

Karuak Ceremony is a four day event in ROK that is highly rewarding and completion rewards include:

  • Legendary Commander Sculptures;
  • Dazzling Starlight Sculptures; and
  • Gems etc.

There are two parts to Karuak Ceremony event: an Individual part and an Alliance part.

Karuak Ceremony – Individual Part

The Karuak Ceremony event starts off with your selection of the event’s difficulty mode (choose the highest difficulty that you have unlocked).

Completing the individual part of the Karuak Ceremony event in HELL mode will give you 12 Legendary Commander Sculptures, 15 Dazzling Starlight Sculptures, 2,000 Gems and 1,800 minutes (or 30 hours) worth of General Speedup!

In each difficulty mode, you will then need to defeat 50 levels of a barbarian, one level at a time.

For each of the 50 levels of the barbarian, you need to summon the barbarian at a cost of 100AP per summon. The first summon is a level 1 barbarian, and his level increases as you defeat him. Note that after you defeat the barbarian, the next barbarian that you summon will cost additional 100AP.

Once summoned, the barbarian is available to be challenged for a 1-hour window. Once the hour passes, the barbarian disappears and you will need to spend an additional 100AP to summon him again. Summon barbarian only if you have time to play.

To challenge the barbarian, you can march your troop towards him or launch an alliance rally. Using your troop to challenge the barbarian costs an additional 40AP (for a Peacekeeping Commander). You can use more than 1 troop to challlenge the barbarian but it will cost more AP. Launching an alliance rally will instead cost you 140AP (for a Peacekeeping Commander). Suggest to use a Peacekeeping Commander to challenge to save your AP.

Note that if you choose to challenge the barbarian with your troop(s) instead of a rally, your friends in alliance will not be able to assist you. You will only be able to have their assistance if you launch an alliance rally.

You can request assistance from your Karuak Ceremony alliance to launch a rally at your barbarian on your behalf, using a “Mark of the Karuak” – an item you can obtain by joining and helping your alliance members’ Karuak rallies. This item is especially useful when you do not have an ideal commander type (infantry/archer/cavalry) that counters the barbarian’s troop type, and your alliance members do.

Note that any unused Marks at the end of the Karuak Ceremony will be exchanged for Gems after the event is over. The number of unused Marks will be returned to you again when the event returns the next time. This means that you can accumulate your Marks during each event (by joining Karuak rallies of your alliance members) to make more Gems from the event!

At higher barbarian levels, using up to 3 troops to challenge the barbarian (3 x 40AP = 120AP) will still save you 20AP as compared to launching a rally for 140AP. Use a rally only if you think you will not be able to defeat the barbarian with 3 troops. Usually, this is above level 40 barbarian for me.

At each level of the barbarian, the barbarian’s troops has a specific troop type (see table below). Use the troop type that will counter the barbarian’s troop type to challenge.

Karuak LevelHARD
2Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
3Archer Archer Archer
4Archer Archer Archer
5Archer Archer Archer
6Infantry Infantry Infantry
7Infantry Infantry Infantry
8Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
9Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
10Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
11Archer Archer Archer
12Archer Archer Archer
13Infantry Infantry Infantry
14Infantry Infantry Infantry
15Infantry Infantry Infantry
16Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
17Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
18Archer Archer Archer
19Archer Archer Archer
20Archer Archer Archer
21Infantry Infantry Infantry
22Infantry Infantry Infantry
23Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
24Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry
25Archer Archer Cavalry
26Infantry Infantry Archer
27Infantry Infantry Archer
28Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
29Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
30Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
31Archer Archer Cavalry
32Archer Archer Cavalry
33Infantry Infantry Archer
34Infantry Infantry Archer
35Infantry Infantry Archer
36Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
37Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
38Archer Archer Cavalry
39Archer Archer Cavalry
40Archer Archer Cavalry
41Infantry Infantry Archer
42Infantry Infantry Archer
43Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
44Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
45Cavalry Cavalry Infantry
46Archer Archer Cavalry
47Archer Archer Cavalry
48Infantry Infantry Archer
49Infantry Infantry Archer
50Infantry Infantry Archer
Karuak Ceremony

Karuak Ceremony – Alliance Part

To participate in the Alliance part of the Karuak Ceremony event, you will need to be in an alliance. Once your alliance has a certain number of members that have completed a certain level of a certain difficulty mode, your alliance can challenge up to a maximum of 5 barbarian bosses:

  • “Fists of Blades” Andaal – at least 15 members completed level 15 on NORMAL difficulty or higher;
  • Bearkeeper Lukor – at least 20 members completed level 20 on HARD difficulty or higher;
  • Shield Chieftain Murdos – at least 25 members completed level 40 on HARD difficulty or higher;
  • Voodoo Priest Pache – at least 30 members completed level 30 on NIGHTMARE difficulty or higher;
  • Solon Por – at least 35 members completed level 35 on HELL difficulty or higher.

Only an Officer of the Alliance will be able to summon the Alliance boss, and the boss will spawn near his city. Usually, the Alliance will coordinate the day and time for all members to come together to attempt the bosses.

Defeating each of the above 5 Alliance bosses gives each participating member of the Alliance a chance to obtain Legendary Commander Sculptures. Each participating member can get up to a total of 8 Legendary Commander Sculptures if lucky.

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