Rise of Kingdoms: Strange Incidents Event

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Strange Incidents Event 2022 - Rise of Kingdoms

Tips for the Strange Incidents Event

Tip #1 – Always use rallies against Bandits (Strange Incidents Event)

The Bandits are amazingly easy to defeat. However, recall that you are limited to 15 villager quests per day (which allows you to summon Bandits three times in total each day) and you can earn rewards from defeating Bandits 10 times each day. How does one earn rewards from Bandits 10 times per day when you are only allowed to summon Bandits 3 times per day? The answer: Alliance rallies. What’s more, the amount of Action Points required to challenge the Bandits on your own or in a rally is the same – 140 AP. So do your alliance and yourself a favor by rallying the Bandits, and hopefully your alliance mates will do the same for you.

Defeating one Bandits gives Governors 6 Anniversary Coins.

Strange Incidents Event 2022
Anniversary Coins

Defeating 10 Bandits each day gives you 60 Anniversary Coins each day. Over a three-day event, that gives you 180 Anniversary Coins in total, which allows you to purchase a Legendary Commander Sculpture in the Anniversary Exchange Shop for 150 Anniversary Coins.

Strange Incidents Event 2022

Tip #2 – Keep scouting and accumulate villager quests (Strange Incidents Event)

The more Burning Villages you scout, the more villager quests you unlock, the more you realize that there are different difficulty levels for different type of quest. Keep scouting to accumulate a long list of quests so you can retain the quests that are of lower difficulty and reject those quests that are of higher difficulties in the Strange Incidents Event.

Tip #3 – Choose quests of the lowest difficulty (Strange Incidents Event)

The following are the different types of villager quests available in the Strange Incidents event:

Quest TypeEasyNormalHardHardest
Defeat Barbarians X Times20304050
Train X Tier 2 or Higher Units1,5004,000
Increase Troop Power by X3,0007,50013,000
Increase Building Power by X3,5008,50015,000
Increase Technical Power by X4,50011,00018,000

As far as possible, Governors should pick the “Easy” villager quests to save on your “Action Points” and Speedups (if you are using Speedups on troop training).

Tip #4 – Search for Tribal Villages for free items and Tier 1 troops (Strange Incidents Event)

During the Strange Incidents event, in addition to Burning Villages, Tribal Villages and Mysterious Caves will also appear all over the map.

Strange Incidents Event 2022 - Rise of Kingdoms
Strange Incidents Event 202
Tribal Village
Map icon for Tribal Village
Strange Incidents Event 202
Mysterious Cave
Map icon for Mysterious Cave

Clicking on a Tribal Village can potentially obtain free Speedups, Tomes of Knowledge, Resources and Tier 1 troops. Investigate Mysterious Caves for a Lvl 1/2/3 Cave Treasure.

Note that once you have completed the 15 village quests for each day, it will be more difficult for you to spot the locations of the Tribal Villages when you zoom out on your map. Hence, you should try to finish claiming rewards from all the Tribal Villages on your map before you complete the Strange Incidents Event.

Introduction to Strange Incidents Event

During this Strange Incidents Event, Burning Villages will appear on the map, which you can send scouts to investigate.

Map icon for Burning Village
Burning Village

After a scout has investigated the village, a villager will give you a timed quest (20 minutes). You can choose to accept or reject the quest given by the villager. A timer starts to count down as soon as the quest is accepted. if the quest is not completed before the timer runs out, you will fail the quest.

Governors can accept only one quest at a time. That quest has to end or be given up before the next quest can be accepted.

After completing the quest, Governors will receive quest rewards and Bandit’s Clues.

Collect five Bandit’s Clues to summon one Bandits, who will appear near your city when summoned. You can choose to fight the Bandits yourself on the field, or launch an alliance rally against the Bandits. Defeating the bandits can give you rewards including Gems, Speedups, Epic Commander Sculptures, Dazzling/Brand-new Starlight Sculptures, Silver Keys, Resources and Anniversary Coins.

Anniversary Coins

Anniversary Coins can be exchanged for items in the Anniversary Exchange Shop in the Anniversary Festival event page.

Strange Incidents Event 202

Each day, you can complete up to 15 quests from villagers, and receive rewards from defeating the Bandits up to 10 times.

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